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Donkeys turism

Donkeys turism

"Walking with a donkey is a tonic for the soul; every step takes you closer back to your real self.".

About the donkey
"It lives in little space and makes do with anything, it endures famine, hunger, hard work and beating well, it is extremely patient of all mistreatment, very simple and lacking in intelligence, with the result that it draws no distinction between lettuces and thistles, innocent and pure of heart and without anger, it lives in peace with all animals, thus as a reward for these virtues it has no lice, rarely falls sick and dies later than any other beast.".

L'asino vola
"Look, there's a donkey flying!" the Italians say jokingly by way of calling someone a greenhorn. It was Pegasus, the mythical winged horse, who flew, not the donkey. Indeed, there is a point in a horse's gallop when all four hooves are off the ground, and at that point it is flying. This does not happen to the donkey, as it gallops rarely, and awkwardly. So "there's a donkey flying" expresses man's need to believe in the impossible, to fantasise and to daydream. On the other hand, man has always dreamed of flying, overcoming the force of gravity that anchors him to the ground and defying the limits set by physics and reality. The circus trapeze artiste flies, the athlete making a jump, the dancer leaping. Man, too, flies, helped by science, in flying machines, but he flies first and foremost in his imagination, daring the impossible. He dreams, fantasises and glimpses things he would not otherwise have seen.

Donkey centre
Play and recreational activities with donkeys for children, adults and the elderly. Activities with donkeys are a source of well-being, because they are animals that communicate emotion when touched and stroked. The fundamental dimension is emotional, providing an opportunity to feel, perceive, be in touch with one's feelings and find the way to express them. What's more, getting to know an animal is a rite. It is looking and feeling oneself looked at, touching and feeling oneself touched, sniffing, perceiving warmth, muscle tone and breaths. The magic of communication with a donkey guides us towards a deeper knowledge of ourselves.

Trekking with pack animals
Trekking with pack animals smacks of days gone by, when travelling from one place to another with loads of various types was not a pastime, but part of routine day-to-day life. It is a way both old and new to stroll, to walk in slowness of bodily movement and thought, and, as it did in the past, the donkey, our travelling companion, still carries loads, alleviating human labour. Walking with a donkey is a tonic for the soul; every step takes you closer back to your real self. Walking with a donkey in any case means slowing down… no small thing in this day and age. Group walks involving the whole family or several families together along country paths provide an opportunity to rediscover our need for human relations, for talk and for exchanging sensations. At donkey's pace means at a slow pace, in step with the rhythms of nature.