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Teaching Farm

Teaching Farm
The teaching farm is open to nursery, primary and middle schools and interested groups, which have an opportunity to learn about the animals' lives and where the produce we consume comes from. Lessons are held in the open air with active participation.

Educational topics:

  • The trees on the farm
  • The pond (the frogs, the fish, the birds...)
  • The vineyard and wine (from grape production to the wine in the glass)
  • From wheat to bread (from seed to shoot, from seedling to ear, from grain to flour)
  • The joys of the woodland (listening to the silence)
  • Discovery or rediscovery of the 5 senses
  • From olive to oil (the tale oil has to tell...)
  • The officinal and culinary herbs
  • From fruit to jam (turning fruit into...)
  • Animals on the farm
  • From refuse to humus
  • Organic and bio-dynamic farming

To book a farm visit fill out the form below and e-mail It back or fax it to 058593169.
For further information call Valeria on mobile 335 5395411

The charges are 6 euros per head for a half day and 12 euros for a full day with packed lunch to be brought by the visitor.
Come comfortably and casually dressed for outdoor activities, bearing the season in mind (bring a spare pair of shoes and a hat).